Welcome Back

Good Lord. Has it been 3 years since i put anything up on my index page?

My mind races. I begin looking for fallen shards of time, hoping to recover some fragments to put them back together so i can build something that i no longer have or forgot to build- a home, a career, investments.

But no. It has been three years and there are oh so many things that i put off, forgot to do, didn't think it was important or was just too happy celebrating my first year of living without the spectre of my sleep apnea carving the life out of me.

I'll make changes here. I'm beginning to feel the urge to write more and to paint. It's going to take a while to do all the things i want to get done but it begins with this- a humble entry. What you can't see in the backgroud are the stories i've been working on with the hopes of having them published on Amazons Kindle Marketplace. My goal is to get them done by this summer and so far, i'm doing well. I just need to do gooder [sic] if not weller [sic].

I'll write more later.


-shelly, june 2012